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Top 3 things you can do around here

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Every week I invite world class language learners and industry experts to join me on the Actual Fluency Podcast.

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A list of the best language learning resources, websites, softwares, and services on the market today.

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Premium products and courses that allow you to hyper-accelerate your language learning.

Hey I'm Kris!

For the past 4 years I've been interviewing the world's top language learners and industry experts for The Actual Fluency Podcast. 

I've also been learning a handful of languages to various degrees myself, and I continue to do so in order to reach my goal of speaking 10 languages in 10 years.

On Actual Fluency you can find inspirational interviews, helpful articles, and also many recommendations on what websites, software, apps, and services are actually awesome to learn languages with today.

If you're completely new around here I highly recommend my getting started section.

From The Blog

My favourite resources and tools

Baselang: Unlimited Spanish tutoring classes at a low monthly fee.

Rocket Languages: Premium audio courses for many languages

italki: The #1 language tutoring platform in the world.

Glossika´╗┐: 3000 Sentences in a spaced repetition audio method.